Our Field



Our current field is located next to the Sydney International Shooting Centre in Cecil Park. Due to the nature of the hobby we have a few rules for those attending.

  • All members must sign in at the front office before heading to the field.
  • Visitors must be accompanied by a BAC member.
  • Visitors who are intending to fly will be required to pay a fee directly to the centre of $13.20.
  • Visitors not flying will still need to sign in but will not be required to pay a fee.

Once at the field please be aware that the picket fence along the outskirts of the field is our flying boundary as it is within range of the clay shooters. Please stay within the boundary. If you do lose your model within this area you will not be able to collect it until the end of the day.

Please note the field is only open to members and their MAAA affiliated guests.