Just another day at the field…AWESOME!

For a quite day, members were on site enjoying the glorious conditions. A gentle puff of wind the from the West, some 2kts.

Perfect for all.

Marco had his new Avanti ducted fan jet up and with a Wing cam attached. Great pictures to of low passes and those on the ground.

Richard was also there with his V tail gas plane and Jim and his favourite planes too

I had my yellow Katana and the Petie 2 for a few circuits. I took my new Edge 540 to to do a range check and engine run. The aircraft is a crash job given to me to repair. Its taken a while and now sports an 16×10 prop, a 325kv electric motor and powered by a 10s pack (two 5s 5000Mah). The maths shows this should deliver some 7.5kg thrust. On the test today… I think this is an underestimation. This set up is a monster

Instructor renewals due soon, so better practice 🙂

Enjoy your flying

Enjoy your flying