Disaster averted and a safe landing

Hello everyone,

A great day at the field recently. Nice to see the smiling faces and some old friends.

The skies on the day saw a mix of fuel and electric planes take to the air. Great to see. All skill levels and the best part was the sharing of knowledge.. Oh and a story or two. 🙂

Conditions at the field were great with everybody being able to get something in the air. Nice to see Jim with his new glider keeping memories alive, and with our student pilot making great leaps ahead in his training and applying it to his flight. Good job.

On the day, I had brought to the field a couple of models, with one rated at 180kmpr. The fan rated at 50,000rpm on a 4s. It has been a tough road for this plane to make it to the sky and survive.

 Its an Evader (Orange and White) made by Great Planes. It has been a hand me down from other pilots and been crashed a number of times… Including me. So after another rebuild/ fix up! the electrics taken out to see why the engine continued to fail.. resulting in a controlled crash… She fly’s, Faaast. I was shaking before, during, and after landing. She fly’s another day.

What else happened on the day. The World Model Mustang Petie2 lost its shirt, as they say. An out-landing and all good. I have since recovered the wing and she’s good to go.

A great day for all.

Drop by the field and catch up.