Into the New Year and beyond

G’day Members,

The Festive season has past, and so the New Year has begun. Welcome to 2019.

I was recently at the strip, and the road surface is in great condition and holding up to the trucks using it (Water Board) and members cars. No more muddy track.

More great news for the luxury car drivers among us 🙂 A smoother ride indeed

So, What else is happening? The strip is looking green and inviting, the surface smooth and the grass coverage is growing nicely. Thank to the grass cutting crew. With their generous support, and constant attention to the field, All members benefit, as do our guests. Thank you

I have been working on the 2nd Spitfire for some months now and have added some pictures below. The project is a rebuild of a 1.2m wing span. It too has had flaps added, a custom paint job and detailing. I’m learning more skills every time on work on a plane. I have to thank my mentor, if i may for his help and questions answered. My friend John Kastalan. Understand, I’m not a builder… I’m more of a fixer and with new skills 🙂

I can say so much about this gentleman.. of the skies, but for now, Thank you for you friendship and support with club matters/ flying.

The members at the field last Tuesday week were keen to chat and fly. It was great to see. Great comradery and skill sharing

So… to the pictures of the rebuild of the 2nd Spitfire. WW2 North Africa campaign colours. Thank you to, to Rob Masters for his help/ and Dave Lewis. My aircraft look so much better because of what Rob said and did for me. A Spitfire looks better with a spinner!.. How true this statement is, and… he offered my one, a red one. Thank you sir. A picture of this spitfire is now on the front page of BACinc website. 

If I can add a tip from a non builder… like myself, and I’m sure there are other ways to do Decals….I find what I need, scale them to size, Cut them out, and test lay on the model, then go to.. in this case Officeworks (laser printer) and have them print the images for me. Get them home.. Then cut them out.. Hobby glue. Job done. Oh, and the cost for the decals sheet.. Printed on A4 paper per sheet. 69cents, and in colour. Great value, and it easy as. Now to get the glue from under my nails LOLS 🙂

Enjoy your flying!