Its been a while.. But great news has arrived

Update 30 11 18

G’day Flyers,

I’ve been busy and work just gets in the way of a good fly. Weekend work sux 🙁  Add in some bad weather and Fire Bans, and the next thing you know…. Its December.

So in relation to that, That being Fire Bans, I would like to remind everyone that there is to be No Flying during a declared Total Fire Ban period.

So, now that that’s out of the way, I have heard that the strip is in excellent condition. Marco passed me the report during the week.

I took a call today from Bruce and he has been busy doing the  grass cutting and a great job too. Thanks Bruce.

Now to the rest of the great news. The dirt track to the flight field is now an ‘All Weather road’. YES, Your read right. The Water Board has been busy and as a result, The track is now dry as a bone! 

So, no more rough road and all but smooth all the way.

Oh, and another biggy… the strip has been rolled with what im told was an 8 tonne roller. OMG, the surface is as smooth as.

Thank you to member’s, their patients and support in keeping the momentum. It’s been a tough time and were are truly starting to see results. Slow at time, Yes, but every bit counts and a great club site we have.

There are the unsung helpers too. Thank you all. It is difficult at times to be seen and be doing, but behind the scenes, things do happen

Lets enjoy the facilities, our mates, and fly

I have added some photos from my archives. I have also added some images of the Spitfire rebuild (11 months) and the AH64 Apache Helicopter rebuild(2 months). Tough projects for me, as I am not a builder. I would also like to thank Phillip for his help too and guidance. In fact, I would like to thank Rob Masters and Dave Lewis for there help too. Thank you

I have started work on a new Spitfire. It will be in Desert Colour scheme

Happy Flying.

Ps.. I have gone through a few of my folders and realised… I have hundreds of great pictures. To many for now. Enjoy.

AH64 Apache Helicopter wiring

Nearly finished Spitfire. I work in the spare bed room. Oh for a garage!

Adjustable work bench for Heli… Ironing board. You just can’t have enough glue!


Spitfire wing section and cowling

Starting the spray job. Not done this before. Learning curve

Building an Aileron for the Spitfire. 295mm wide with swept trailing edge

Steve’s mishap at the old field


Bruce’s 2m wing span Beaver

My Evader Ducted fan jet… Apparently it can do 160Kphr. I have not tried that speed yet

My customising decals

Finished AH64 Apache

Finished Spitfire. Thanks for the spinner Rob. A perfect fit sir to complete the job!

Apache Helicopter Tail Rotor assembly

Now to fly it. Or perhaps I will just look at it for say… EVEEERRRRRRRRRRrrrr 🙂

Enjoy the field and aeromodelling