Cool start leads to a fantastic day

Driving up to the field today I thought.. Brrrr, it’s really cold. Frost on the ground and the temperature gauge in the car showing 5degress. I knew then… it was going to be a great flying day.

Clear skys overnight, and a frost.. clear day ahead. A gentle to nil wind was also on hand. As the day progress, the wind from the west… if you want to call it a wind, perhaps, a gentle movement of air, dropped away. What a day!!

It was great to see so many people there too. Visitors and flyers, Old timers, planes I mean and two (2) maiden flights.

Everything from a Boomerang 60, my Katana, to Marco’s mini airforce. Jim, Richard, Patrick and almost a cast of thousands, almost!. Mike was there too with his Grass Hopper, and Graham with his Tuscana and Mustang. A great turn out.

It was really a great “Club Feel” day

Regarding the pictures.. I used a Canon 70D and a 300mm lens, with the setting to manual at a Shutter speed of 2000, ISO Auto and the Fstop at the higher end of the range. The images are as the camera took them. No editing, just a reduction in size for web posting

Oh, I forgot, we even test flew a Sea Venom. All good. ready for another day.