Working Bee Success. What a day!

Hi to everyone,

The conditions on the day were perfect. The slightest hint of a breeze and cool start. The temperature gauge said 9 degrees.

The troops gathered and after a quick ‘Catch-up’ to the tools we went. The task at hand.. to clear the rest of the top soil and spread it on the runway, patch and fill.

In reflection on the previous working bee, it has yielded great results with the surface so much better. The rains from the last few weeks have settled in the previous top dressing and the rains forecast for this week should bring the same result.

So, what does this mean. No more working bees for a while, and more time to fly. I’m up for that I can say.

The turn up for the working bee last Sunday was great. Folks I had not seen for a while, ages really were there too. Even new members were on the tools. A big thank you to all. 

Even the mower got the treatment.. Repairs were made a visit to the field. Good job to all.

A thank you if I may too, to Patrick. His support and the use of his box trailer were invaluable, as is the dedication and efforts of BAC members in whatever capacity. A team effort I say!

It was a long Work Bee, and concluded around 11.30am. Fran too was on hand to look after the paperwork for renewals and new sign ups.

With the soil spread, there was time to get into the air. New members again and old friends took advantage of the excellent flying condition.

Don’t forget the AGM is on at 10am sharp start, next Saturday at SISC. Refreshment will be available.

This is your chance to speak for the club and help in its direction, events and alike. 

It’s your club, Our Club… Lets enjoy it!

Thank you again to all.