What A Sunday! 10 06 18

What A Sunday! The day was cold and a home day it was….. till… the phone rang. I’m going to the field, Wanna Come?

Without hesitation, I packed a few planes, gear sorted… and my jacket, to the field I went. Arriving around 11.30am

The conditions were pretty windy really. Overcast and grey.

Little Richard was there, as was Big Jim, Bruce too of course, and Marco. Even my misses came for a look.

The wind must have been a stiff 18kmP/hr from the South as described by the weather forecast and they weren’t far wrong.

There is only one thing to do, put on your jacket and get airbourne.

There were a mix of aircraft from high wing, low wing, sweeped wing jets to multi engine. Even my Katana made a visit. The flight on 4s was great, and as Marco and I flew, conditions were great for backward flight. Up higher the stiff breeze allowed for reverse flying.

Unfortunately for me, my landing of the Katana wasn’t so good, I broke one leg of the landing gear off. No worries. I have fixed it and it’s ready to go. The flight of the P47 Thunderbolt was perfect. Two great stiff crosswind landings. 

Masking Tape Marco escaped any damage for the day. The B17 looked fantastic in the air too

So what do you need to do to fly backwards. Get up high, nose to the breeze, reduce power, and hold her steady. With the condition just right… backwards you go. There is a science to it.. maybe I can explain it to you one day.

Enough of the chatter..  you want the pictures.

One last thing, Marco flew on Tuesday with a great turn up. If you can’t do weekends, come out on Tuesday.

Enjoy your flying.

Ps.. Some of the images have a Blue tinge. This is due to the camera being set to Tungstan mode in the light setting. This was corrected. oops!

(On a member/visitor note):                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Non Members Flight fee $14.50 (cpi adjusted)per visit.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Members $7.90 (cpi adjusted)per visit. Due on days other than Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, the fee to SISC is payable. Its not a club fee

  Should you have any queries regarding the field or alike, Please contact Fran, or a committee member, Not the SISC staff or management                                                                        Fran Kastelan, Secretary M: 0406 167 829