Weekend flying is great. Sunday 27 05 18. Tuesdays are great too. Stop by for a chat

Another cracking Sunday’s flying, and perfect conditions for a chat, I mean, Fly.

The strip is a bit dry, but working well with the new top soil from some weeks ago being spread and settling in

Jim was busy with his Pandora, jumping into the air, as was Marco and his second Airbus A380. He really does love a girl with a great figure… The airbus of course.

Final check’s and to the sky’s she went. What a fantastic sight. The approach to land image is fantastic. If you look closely, you can see a picture of the Airbus during the landing roll with no nose gear. That’s what a shutter speed o1/2000 of a second can do for you. Catch it as it happens. The rest of the landing phase was.. what you could call.. Uneventful.

Marco also returned to fly his SU-31M. The Black and yellow beast. Yes, he adjusted the frame again.. crashed it. Not to worry. A rebuild and to the sky again.

Richard too was there and taking his fuel fed Pulse through its paces. Great flying.

Bruce again impressed me with him being able to take-off under control, form a circuit, prepare to land…. and get a great landing in too. Nice one! He just needed to do a short walk to get the plane back to the pit area. He was on the strip for a change 🙂 Tick from me. Looking forward to seeing more of it.

We had a potential new member (Paul) spend the morning with us, and is looking forward to a return visit

I finally got some pictures of the reborn World Models Katana (yellow and blue) With the rate switches set to full… Holy Crap. This bird can really spin, and a great prop hanger too.

If you would like some photos of your aircraft, happy to help. Be at the field, take a flight, and the images are yours.

Stop by the field for a catch-up. Enjoy your flying.