General Flying, Sunday 22 04 18

G’day everyone!

Another great day of flying.
Members on the day had planes that had been giving them trouble, and with some modification, engine replacement and a little more envelope pushing, the planes took to the sky.

Marco (Pictured above) has been improving and with his High Wing Jackaroo, gas powered. Marco was giving me some great action shots to capture and post.

Robert too was busy. Having not flown for some 10 weeks, he took to the air with his Palatus Porter and two other aircraft. Both were maiden flights. Happy to help as I was asked to fly them.

So my usual cautious nature was applied, everything checked plus a range check, then the hand launch it was. Yep, it was definitely a steady hand to keep it airborne. After a lot of trimming and not letting go of the elevator, Robert took over for some hands on flight of his own.

Nice job. Thanks for the flight!!

Bruce too had his 60 size Boomerang out for a run. I can tell you… Its BIG! It flys like a dream.
Conditions on the day were perfect. Bruce is also making gains with his training

The working bee soil spread is working its way into the dips and helping those with the smaller tyres.

Thank you to the folks on the day, and the apologies. The cause way to has also been filled, so no more wet feet (tyres) on the drive in.
Thanks to Bruce and Patrick

The PC-9 flew well too, and if you look closely at the pictures, some great action shots are there.

If you have not been out for a fly of late, stop by. The weather is cooler and the conditions great.
See you there.

Happy flying!