Anzac Day, Wednesday, 25 April 2018. BAC Field Closed

Australian War Museum Canberra
– Here is their spirit, in the heart of the land they loved; and here we guard the record which they themselves made.
– Charles Bean, 1948. War correspondent

G’day Team,

On the approach of ANZAC Day, let us remember their sacrifice.

“We will remember them”.

ANZAC Day draws near, let us reflect on the sacrifice the service men and women, their families, and it’s people have given for this country, Australia
Be they members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Red Cross, RSL, our Indigenous traditional owners of this land, other supporting branches, to members of our community, they have all given, and continue to give

Wednesday is ANZAC Day, A chance for the men and women of our armed services, and members of the public, to march in the glory of our Australian sunshine, our freedoms
They have all served this country well to protect us, Australia’s interests, our way of life.

Do spare a moment to reflect on their sacrifice and commitment to our country

Bankstown Airport Sydney, during the Second World War.

Attack on Sydney Harbour and the role Bankstown airport played
“Flying a P400 (export version of the P-39) Cantello scrambled from Bankstown airport the night a Japanese “I” Class submarine shelled the city with her deck gun”.

“Lest We Forget”

(Feature images courtesy of Hilltops.)