Working Bee this Sunday, 08 04 18, 9am-10.30am. See you there. Up Dated 08 04 18

Hello everyone,

UPDATED: It was a hot day out at the field, and with bottles of cool water to hand, we managed to get some of the job done.
We even had a local drop in… or should I say.. Bounce in.

Thanks to Bruce, Patrick, Richard and Grahame.. Plus myself, we spread the top soil on the taxiway and runway, plus filled the causeway with loose gravel. Should make for a great crossing now to the field. Nice and dry

Patrick help out enormously with his box trailer, Wheel barrow and he even stopped at the shops to get a slab of water for the team. Thank you Patrick

Attached are a few pics from the days working Bee and some flying too

Thank you again for your efforts

OLD THREAD: A Working Bee has been set for this Sunday, 08 04 18 and ‘On Tools’ at 9am. It wont be a long job. We’re spreading soil that has been delivered to site. Its a few ton at most.

Also we will be laying some Poly Pipe on the track in to assist in the gully draining

Do bring your wheel barrow, rake, shoves, gloves and alike to get the job done

Lets get at it and fill some of those holes, patches on the strip and improve the drainage for better access and flying surface.

No flying during working bee.The sooner we finish, the sooner we fly.

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