General Flying today 12 11 17

Members enjoy the conditions today with new aircraft on the flight line. This included Marco’s new jet, an Avanti. It weighs some 3kg and is quite the performer. Not Marco

Runway clear, and Marco was into the air, under control and a nice climb angle. With the take-off complete, and some general handling underway, I snapped a few pictures. (Jet is yellow and white)

Lined up for a landing and a great touch-down. Stopping was another story

Bruce had his Size 40 Boomerang (Rx Mode 1) airborne too. With Richard (mode 2) and myself (mode 1) all went well with barrel rolls and loops. Nice one Richard. So with a change of pilot, and some other manoeuvres being done, including extended inverted flight turns and figure 8’s , till.. and as another members reved his engine for take-off, and with all the noise, the Boomerang’s engine quite.

With no throttle, a corrective roll and turn was commenced at low level for a Dead-Stick landing. Dare I say I was calm under pressure. A controlled out landing was successful and the model refueled for another flight.

So… what was the lesson. Dont fly inverted for any length of time. OR.. Make sure the clunk tank fuel hose is free to move within the fuel tank. An examination of the fuel system showed the tank was half full with the clunk in one corner. The movement of the clunk nozzle is being rectified to be free moving, and not stuck in one low point corner of the tank as was the case.

Bruce carried out a ground (Inverted) test to see if Fuel Starvation was the case… Yep.. Motor quit.