Saturday Flights 15 07 17

What a great day. The wind was from the west, though not a problem for members on the day. Even our club student, Bruce was into it. (excuse the photos.. camera phone)

Bruce is progressing his training and is now moving onto Stalls and Recovery. What’s a Stall??, How do you get into a Stall?, What does a Stall look like? and the big what attitude can a stall occur??

His Take-offs are under control, as is his knowledge of the flight area, circuits patterns and alike. 

Did I tell you Bruce has a Dehaviland Beaver..2m wing. Good one Bruce (see image below)

The weather has been great. Get out there and aviate

If i may… A Memorial flight to Mr John Kastelan, my friend. I was lucky enough to come into possession of a World Models Mustang, from Young John, A Petie 2nd. I flew it on the weekend. Having added a Pilot with attitude, Instrument panel, electronics/some under wing monocote, she was ready to go!!! Up Up and the Memorial flight had begun.                               What a guy! What a plane!.

Thank you Young John, for what you have taught me too 🙂